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Best Wall Speaker in Jordan

​At Vantom Audio, a leading manufacturer and exporter based in India, we take immense pride in delivering the best professional audio equipment and line array speakers in Jordan. Our renowned Vantom Audio Systems, known for their speakers designed to deliver exceptional sound across a wide range of applications, are a testament to this commitment. Crafted with the highest standards of sound performance and excellence in mind, our top-quality products are built to meet the demands of even the most discerning audio enthusiast. Whether you require a solution for a specific need or seek an outstanding audio experience in Jordan, Vantom Audio is here to provide you with the perfect equipment like sound system speakers.

​Best Wall Speaker in Jordan

High Live Performance Vantom Wall Speaker in Jordan

Vantom is pleased to announce the release of its flagship product in the live sound systems package in Jordan, the Wall Speaker with high performance. The wall-mounted loudspeakers are designed to be compact and full-range or two-way systems, making them ideal for playing back music, paging, and other applications in Jordan. These speakers are particularly useful in environments with no false ceiling or where the ceiling is too high for ceiling-mounted speakers to reach the desired sound pressure level at the listening area.

uses of vantom wall speaker

Key Features of Vantom Wall Speaker

• High-quality sound for music.
• Two-way speaker system consists of a woofer & dome tweeter.
• Plastic cabinet in white & black color.
• Ideal for background music in offices, banks, restaurants, showrooms, etc.

wall speaker

Premium Vantom Wall Speakers in Jordan

VWS-300 & VBS-300 features:

• High fidelity 2-way, 100V multi-purpose PA speaker system.
• 100V, Power taps of 32W, 16W, 8W.
• Facility to use as 8 ohms Low Impedance Speaker is available.
• The movable mounting bracket supplied can be mounted in vertical or horizontal positions.

Wall speaker VWS-300 & VBS-300

VWS-200 & VBS-200 features:

• High fidelity 2-way, 100V multi-purpose PA speaker system.
• 100V, Power taps of 16W, 8W, 4W.
• Facility to use as 8 ohms Low Impedance Speaker is available.
• The movable mounting bracket supplied can be mounted in vertical or horizontal positions.

Wall speaker VWS-200 & VBS-200

The Most Popular Brand of Speakers in Jordan

  • JBL speakers

  • BOSE speakers

  • VANTOM speakers

  • JBL speakers Bluetooth

wall speaker

Frequently Asked Questions in Jordan:

1. Why are Vantom wall speakers the best choice for Jordan?

If you are searching for top-notch speakers in Jordan that provide an exceptional audio experience, look no further than Vantom wall speakers. These speakers are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, and they are guaranteed to impress even the most critical listener.

2. What measures to protect wall speakers In Jordan?

Metal mesh grills, installed on speakers, serve as a protective barrier against dust accumulation, debris interference, and accidental damage to speaker cones. During installation, backboxes are fitted to enclose speakers, which safeguard them from moisture and debris, ensuring optimal sound quality. The strategic placement of speakers plays an important role in minimizing the risk of physical contact, providing an added layer of protection. In high-risk areas, protective cages made of strong wire mesh offer additional security, providing a reliable solution to protect speakers from vandalism, theft, or accidental damage.

3. Is there a specific amplifier brand to which the Vantom wall speaker can be connected?

The Vantom wall speaker is a versatile speaker that can be connected to various amplifiers, including those made by other brands. The optimal amplifier for the Vantom wall speaker is contingent on the user's specific requirements, such as the desired output power and frequency response. Some leading amplifier brands, such as Yamaha Amplifier, Ahuja Amplifier, Vantom Amplifier, and others, can be employed with the Vantom Horn Speaker.

4. Can I purchase good-quality wall speakers from India in Jordan?

Our product is available in various locations throughout . You can find our product in the market additionally; our product may also be available in specialized stores, department stores, and online marketplaces. To get specific information about the availability of our product in a particular area or store, We recommend checking our 2024 catalogs. or contact our customer service team. They will be able to provide you with the most up-to-date information on where you can purchase our product in Jordan.

​You can read our blogs about amplifiers and speakers to answer many of your inquiries

Sound System Configuration Example in Jordan

This basic sound system configuration is ideal for a variety of spaces or background music applications in Jordan. It utilizes a Vantom amplifier, known for its efficiency and compact design, paired with high-quality wall speakers for discreet audio distribution. This setup is perfect for cafes, offices, or even home improvement projects, offering a simple and effective solution for your audio needs. It provides high performance with professional concert speakers in Jordan.

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